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Customer Service Course

In the world of commodities and today’s business Customer Service is playing vital and integral part. Customer Service providers must have feasible plan how to deliver the excellence to their customers and interact effectively. Customer Service does not happen magically, it does takes lots of preparation, research and knowledge. This course will help You to understand what is CS, how to improve your existing skills, how to get credibility and reputation within your customers. You will learn how to develop strategy for success, problem solving and finding appropriate solutions for challenges. We will cover topics such as: employee empowerment, effective communication to enhance customer relations, leadership. Our goal is to achieve excellence and provide effective Customer Service. This program is for business orientated and customer focused employees, fluent in English.

Just remember, customer service is a rewarding profession!


Customer Service is the training programme for a people who is interested to achieve excellence in any area of businesses, where requires communication and interaction with customers (people). It is for everyone who is in retail, hospitality, tourism, transport and any other activities where customer service is crucial.
This course is who is intermediate or fluent in English.
Business terminology and lingo is used in this course.
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Course lasts 11 weeks (10 weeks lectures and last week is the assignment). Usually is 1 day per week on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 18.00 till 20.00 Other arrangements can be made to suit you better.
Maximum 12 people per class to ensure the quality of CS training.
For 11 weeks is 565.00 pln in total.
You need to pay 200 pln as the deposit and the balance on the first day starting the course.
Not really. This course contains materials/presentations given by the lecturer and will have lots of interaction and communication among the students and tutor.
Yes, after the exam (week 11) and student attendance should not be less then 80%.

Topics covered in Customer Service Course

  • What is Customer Service
  • Challenges of Customer Service
  • Problem Solving
  • Strategy and Plan for Success
  • Empowerment
  • Communications in Customer Service
  • Coping with Challenging Customers
  • Motivation
  • Leadership in Customer Service
  • Customer Retention and Measurements of Satisfaction
  • Delivering Customer Service to the Changing Marketplace


Julia Scerba holds BA of Science in Business Administration (RISEBA) and Graduate Diploma in Management Studies (Institute of Commercial Management, England). Julia has extensive experience in retail and retail management. Her career began as shop manager in Dublin Jewellers and later continued as Area Manager for large British chain Jewellers, she worked with exclusive brands and shops such Harvey Nichols and Brown Thomas.

Her motto is:

Deliver what you promise!


Julia Scerba


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